Emergency Appeal for Cuba during the Corona pandemic

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We all rember the British cruise ship with Covid-19 infected people, which was allowed to dock in the port of Mariel / Cuba on 17.3.2020 when many ther countries had refused. Afterwards passengers and many of the crew could fly home from Havana and thanked for their rescue overwhelmed by joy.

Only a few days later Cuban medical brigades were sent to help beleaguered health services in several countries including Italy and Jamaica. Cuba had already helped many other countries, including China, with a strong anti-virus agent (Interferon alpha 2B). Sincere thanks to Cuba for this consequent solidary attitude!

In the meantime it is clear: Cuba is also part of the globalised world, the Caribbean island is implementing similar protection measures as we are.

Doctors and medical students throughout the country are taking place in door to door health check ups and reminding people of what symptoms to look for and the importance of social distancing. On 20 March, when the island had less than twenty cases, the government took the decision to close its borders, except for residents and foreign nationals wishing to return. Tourists in the country at the time were quarantined in hotels for fourteen days or until their flight home.These measures for the protection of the population (especially measures to reduce contact) strongly affect the economic activities. Tourism, a main source of vital foreign exchange earnings, has now come to a complete standstill.

Cuba's health system is one of the best prepared to fight a pandemic. Experience gained from countless humanitarian missions around the world, for example in the fight against Ebola in Africa, now makes it easier for the government and the population to take targeted action. But the almost 60-year-old blockade of Cuba by the USA, which violates international law and human rights and has been constantly intensified by the Trump adminstration in the last few months, has severely affected the lifes of Cubans, the economic development and also the health system.

- Therefore the US-blockade against Cuba must be lifted immediately - as well as any unilateral sanctions of the USA against other countries like Venezuela, Iran...

- The Cuba Solidarity in Germany are calling for a donation campaign in consultation with the Cuban partners: after the total collapse of tourism, there is a lack of foreign currency to buy food and for economic activities. We are well aware that in our countries, many people are also existentially threatened by the consequences of the Corona pandemic, but the potential for overcoming this crisis is much greater in our rich industria country.

- Cuba, which has always put the humanitarian needs of people first, regardless of borders or politics, needs our support to overcome the consequences of the pandemic.

- The Cuban Ministry of Health has sent us a list of things needed in Cuba. It includes materials such as sheets, blankets, towels and cleaning utensils for professional use, but also medical material. We are trying to get those things. Cuba Sí (Berlin) has already agreed to organize the logistic part.

- We therefore ask for smaller and larger donations from individuals and organizations to the account of

keyword: "Corona"
IBAN DE52 1001 0010 0032 3301 04
Weydingerstr. 14-16, 10178 Berlin, Tel.: 030-24 00 93 38

or the account of

Freundschaftsgesellschaft BRD-Kuba
keyword: "Corona"
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, Köln
IBAN: DE96 3702 0500 0001 2369 00, BIC: BFSWDE33XXX
Maybachstr. 159, 50670 Köln, Tel. 0221-2405120, Fax 0221-6060080



We will forward your incoming donation directly to the special account for donations in Cuba. We will gladly issue donation receipts upon request. We ask you to refrain from material donations.

Network Cuba, FRG-Cuba Friendship society, Cuba Si

20. April 2020