The world condemns the blockade against Cuba

The United Nations General Assembly will once again condemn the economic, trade and financial blockade of Cuba by the United States of America, which has been lasting since January 1962 and has Cuba already caused damages of more than 130 milliards of US-dollars.

A blockade is explicitly not an embargo because of its extraterritorial character, but is noted in international law as an act of war. The United States, which did not deny this application for conviction but abstained last year for the first time, are likely to return to their traditional, world-wide isolation and vote against the condemnation of their illegal criminal act.

The EU states however, with their usual commen attitude towards the blockade will at best take a hypocritical position . Not only are some member states actively supporting the blockade of Cuba with all the legal and illegal means available, but the EU Commission itself seems not even to be willing to comply with its own laws. For the blockade must not have any impact in the EU area; anyone who violates this suspension has to expect punishment (EU regulation 2271 of 22.11.1996).

Nevertheless, the blockade in the context of Hurricane Irma, which left millions of heavy damages in Cuba in the beginning of September, had a further impact - as US President Donald Trump emphazizes it once again, while European banks, such as Postbank and ING, refused to carry out transactions with reference to Cuba.

As FRG-Cuba friendship society, we urge the United States, together with the overwhelming majority of the United Nations countries, to stop the illegal blockade. This includes, that, as a first step, the European Union will take action according its declared rejection of the blockade and takes meassures against all companies and persons who actively support the blockade against Cuba by increased freight charges or refusal of financial and material transactions.

Despite an exemplary overall social concentration on their elimination, Cuba has not been able to repair the damages that "Irma" has caused. While the mending of many residential buildings continues, the agriculture is particularly affected by massive failures.

Freundschaftsgesellschaft BRD-Kuba Federal Executive Committee of the Friendship Society FRG-Cuba, Cologne, 30. October 2017

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Die Welt verurteilt die Blockade gegen Kuba

El mundo condena el bloqueo contra Cuba

Hurrikan "Irma" triff Kuba

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After the devastation caused by hurricane Irma in Cuba, it is this solidarity, that will help Cuba to mitigate the effects of this disaster.
Despite the economic, trade and financial blockade, Cuba is an example when it comes to letting the sentence of Che Guevara "Solidarity is the tenderness of the people" become reality. Let us return a part of the solidarity that Cuba is giving with its medical aid and educational programmes in many poor countries around the world.