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About ourselves

The Friendship Association Federal Republic of Germany – Cuba
is not the only organization of solidarity with Cuba in Germany but it is the oldest.

The Friendship Association Federal Republic of Germany – Cuba Founded in 1974 its goal is to "improve the relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Cuba and the friendship between the two peoples. We turn to all progressive men, women and organizations in Germany who through their active work show their willingness to improve the relationship between both peoples and to strengthen the links towards a lasting friendship in spite of ideological differences". (Statutes of the Association)

Since its foundation more then 35 years ago the organization as well as international politics towards Cuba have lived ups and downs. The blockade of the United States against socialist Cuba increased in the recent years. Because of the disappearance of the socialist countries of eastern Europe and the US blockade Cuba has suffered the biggest economic crisis since the beginning of the revolution in 1959. In spite of it all the vast majority of the Cubans are on the side of their revolution. Within its possibilities the Friendship Association tries to support the Cuban people and its representatives.

The support of our organization reveals itself in material and political solidarity. Just as the German government plays an active role in the economic blockade the communication media suppress or twist objective truths about the development and the problems in Cuba. Our Association makes great efforts to spread authentic information from Cuba and about Cuba.

Besides we support many solidarity projects in collaboration with Cuban institutions. Here we want to mention the cooperation with the hospital "Miguel Enríquez" in Havanna, the psycho-pedagogical centre "Gloria Cuadro de la Cruz" an institute for young people who suffer from mental discapacities in Santiago de Cuba and with the Cuban Association for Persons with Physiomotorial Limitations (ACLIFIM). Periodically we deliver sewing kits for surgery.

We know that all this will not solve the consequences of the blockade. But the movement of solidarity with Cuba is worldwide and in some situations the Cubans will surely be able to feel concretely the signs of material solidarity. At the end of the year 2008 we succeeded in collecting tens of thousands of Euros to overcome the damage caused by the hurricanes "Ike" and "Gustav".

Cuba is not alone

An essential part in the "promotion of the relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Cuba" is to get to know each other.

That’s why the Association from the beginning organized different journeys to Cuba.
Besides we organize solidarity brigades. The annual brigade with German participants carries the name of the great national hero of Cuba and Latinamerica José Martí.
Together with men and women of every age and from every European country the participants do agricultural labour on their own account. These three weeks give them the opportunity to come to know Cuba, the Cubans and their daily life.

The Association regularly invites Cubans from different parts of society in order to give them the possibility to inform the German public and to participate in discussions.
Besides the Association organizes a cultural and scientific exchange in cooperation with the coordination board of all organizations of solidarity with Cuba in Germany (CUBANET).

The numerous regional groups are relatively autonomous and form the basis for all the activities of the Association. There are no regional decisive boards but a national one which is elected by the assembly of the delegates that meet once a year. The task of this board is to put into practice the resolutions and the organization of the activities on a national basis as well as the solidarity projects. Of course the participation in the activities of the regional groups is open to everybody and not restricted to members.

The Association publishes a magazine "Cuba Libre" of four issues a year and a monthly newspaper "Cuba Kompakt". In this way we transmit a clear idea of the actual development in Cuba, in Latin America and the Caribbean. Besides we give information about the activities of the solidarity movement in Germany and in other countries. We also help spread the newspaper Granma International (in German) so that authentic information about Cuba is known in Germany. All print media can be bought by means of subscription.

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Friendship Association Federal Republic of Germany – Cuba

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